These creatures look like aliens, even after seeing them the senses of scientists flied away!

We are going to tell you today about a strange creature which has created a lot of uproar in West Australia. The secret is that even the experts could not tell what this creature is. After all, after seeing the creature, people started guessing and many people are believing that this creature does not belong to this world.

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Putting this photo on a website called a girl said that while she was walking on the beach with her mother and friends, she saw a strange life. She was surprised to see what happened, and first informed the police. After which the team of experts also arrived, but the team of experts was also very surprised to see this creature, they were not able to understand that this creature is an angle.

During this, people commented on social media and told it to be from an another planet. And it was also described as part of the alien. Nearby residents claim that this creature was seen in the Broome Sea area of Western Australia. Some people believe that it is Armed Anemone which is up to 2 feet long.

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After this, many types of rumors started spreading on social media such as if this strange animal bites someone once, it takes many months to get it right and is paralyzed, it is very poisonous but the local expert said that Only after investigation will he be able to tell which creature it is.

According to sources, in September this year, equity shares also saw a similar kind of life on the beach. The man named Adam Dickinson, who lives in Liverpool, saw mysterious creatures on the middle of New Zealand. It was later discovered that the organism was a rare lion main jellyfish, which is the largest species of jellyfish in the world.

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