Jabalpur: Wife take this step after love marriage, will be shocked to know

Jabalpur: Corona infection has decreased in Madhya Pradesh but crime cases have increased in the meantime. Now the recent case that has come to light is from Jabalpur district. Here a woman had love marriage and died by committing suicide. Greedy husband demanded dowry after marriage and the young woman committed suicide. Police have now registered a case in the case. Belkheda police are said to have reported about the case. Police say Sundaradehi resident Kanchan Ben (24) had a love marriage with Pradeep Ben in 2017. Pradeep never let Kanchan go to her mother's house  for last four years of their marriage.

Shortly after the wedding, his attitude changed, and he often taunted Kanchan for dowry. In the meantime, whenever Kanchan met her family, she would narrate her ordeal, but she could not take any steps because of her own decision to marry. Meanwhile, Kanchan had a daughter and Pradeep's attitude changed drastically since then. Soon he started drinking and coming home and assaulting Kanchan.

One day Kanchan narrated the ordeal to his father and also told his in-laws. But Pradeep's habits remained unchanged. Finally, when Kanchan got upset, she got upset on May 21 and poured clay oil on herself and set herself on fire. Which led to his death. The Belkheda police have now registered an FIR under sections of dowry harassment, dowry murder and dowry demand in the case.

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