Jaganmohan Reddy 'misleading statement' on total prohibition: TDP

Mangalagiri: Addressing a press conference here, TDP national spokesperson K Pattabhi Ram on Friday said the Jagan Mohan Reddy government has literally become the biggest liquor don in the entire country by owning more than 3,500 liquor shops in the name of sale. has gone. While this was a fact, the Chief Minister in his latest review meeting was wrongly claiming that his government was taking all steps towards a phased prohibition. He said, the Chief Minister is accumulating huge black money in his own benami distillery companies by making cheap liquor, transporting it through his network and selling it in government shops.

Just to earn black money, Jagan Sarkar alone was accepting cash at government liquor shops, not making any digital payments of any kind including GooglePay, debit cards or others. He said it was interesting that Jagan Mohan Reddy did his latest review on liquor, sand and drugs, which are his favorite mafia sources for generating huge amount of black money. Pattabhi Ram advised the Chief Minister to check the dashboard of his excise department before making false claims of reducing alcohol consumption.

According to the dashboard, 43 lakh cases have increased in the sale of IML liquor as compared to last year. Over 36.59 lakh beer cases were sold this year as compared to 14.97 lakh cases last year, which was an increase in over 21 lakh beer cases. "How can the Chief Minister say that his government is taking steps to reduce consumption? The TDP leader alleged that the Jagan regime pushed the ports into private hands to be used only for smuggling of drugs. He said Sudhakar, arrested in a heroin seizure of Rs 21,000 crore, got his company registered in the middle of the official residence of Jagan Mohan Reddy and Vijayawada city.


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