Jagannath Rath Yatra: Why Hanuman is tied up with golden Chain

Jul 13 2018 02:35 PM
Jagannath Rath Yatra: Why Hanuman is tied up with golden Chain


Lord Hanuman, who have crossed the great Indian Ocean, who devastated Lanka, there is no demon who can face him, then how golden chain managed to bound him. There is a very interesting story behind the chained Lord Hanuman which you would like to know.


According to mythology, once the sea (Bay of Bengal) has damaged thrice to temple of Lord Jagannath, therefore he appointed Hanuman to protect the Puri and temple from the sea. Hanuman stood at ‘Chakra-teerth’ to ensure that no damage is done by Sea to Temple. Hanuman has protected the temple but he was used to traveling to the different place like Ayodhya, Kailash, Anjana and also go to visit Lord Jagannath.  Sea takes the advantage of the absence of Hanuman and again start causing the problem to puri, saints and temple. Therefore Lord Jagannath ordered saint Angrisa to bind Hanuman with the big gold chain when he was in sleep. When Hanuman got up in morning he was unable to move his feet. He tried to break the chain but he noticed that the name of Lord  ‘Ram’ was written on it. He was a great devotee of Lord Ram, therefore, he could not break the chain. Hence he accepted the boundation. There is a temple of Chained Hanuman in Puri which is now called ‘Bedi Hanuman’.


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