8 amazing and famous facts related to Jagannath temple

Jun 23 2020 10:48 AM
8 amazing and famous facts related to Jagannath temple

Jagannath temple of Puri, the center of faith of devotees, is famous all over the world. It is the center of attraction not only of India but also of foreign devotees. The architect of this temple is so grand that far-reaching architectural experts come to research it. Today we are going to tell you 8 amazing facts

Know 8 amazing things of Jagannath Puri temple

1. The height of the Jagannath temple of Puri is 214 feet.

2. Few people know that from any place in Puri, if you see the Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the temple, you will always see it in front of you.

3. The flag installed above the temple always waved in the opposite direction of the wind.

4. On normal days the wind comes from the sea towards the land and vice versa during the evening, but the opposite happens in Puri.

5. It is said that the shadow of the main dome remains invisible at any time of the day.

6. The quantity of food to be cooked inside the temple remains for the whole year. Not a single amount of prasad is wasted, it can feed millions of people.

7. In the kitchen of the temple, 7 utensils are placed on each other to cook prasad and everything is cooked on wood. In this process, the material in the top vessel is cooked first and then the bottom is cooked one by one.

8. It is said that you cannot hear any sound made by Sagar (from inside the temple) only after entering the first step in the temple's Sinhwar. If you cross the same step (from outside the temple), then you can hear it. This can be clearly experienced in the evening.

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