Jahangirpuri violence: Even after bulldozer's action stopped, Hindus removed temple's illegal gate

New Delhi: Amid a drive being carried out by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to remove encroachments at Jahangirpuri in the country's capital Delhi, Hindus in the area have removed the gate of a temple there on their own. Indeed, the gate was outside the valid bounds of the law. After this, the Hindus voluntarily cut the gate of the temple and removed it.

The action was taken by Hindu devotees a day after NDMC officials launched a bulldozer to remove illegal encroachments in the C block of Jahangirpuri. The Hindus had installed the gate of the temple in view of security in a Muslim-dominated area. On Wednesday (April 20, 2022), the NDMC carried out an anti-encroachment drive in the Jahangirpuri area in the presence of a large police force. Illegal structures, shops and other encroachments were demolished by the bulldozers. However, soon, during the course of a few hours of action, the Supreme Court stayed the drive while ordering to maintain the status quo.

Let us tell you that during the violence on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti in Jahangirpuri, the illegal part of the mosque from where stones were thrown on the Shobha Yatra was demolished during the removal of encroachments. The gate of the mosque was constructed for about 10 feet. Along with the door of the mosque, a Mazaar built illegally on the road was also demolished. In some parts of the area, houses were built by encroaching on the road. This had made a 30-foot-wide road, a 10-foot-thin lane, but when the bulldozers walked, they were all broken down. Along with this, many shops that encroached on government land were also demolished.

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