Jailer Box Office Earnings: Rajinikanth's Latest Film Rakes in Rs.100-Cr in Just 3 Days
Jailer Box Office Earnings: Rajinikanth's Latest Film Rakes in Rs.100-Cr in Just 3 Days

In a whirlwind of cinematic excitement, Rajinikanth's recent movie "Jailer" has seized the attention of audiences all over India, achieving substantial box office success within its initial three days of release. The film's ability to appeal to a diverse audience is evident in its impressive earnings across various languages.

Day 1: Spectacular Opening
The curtains lifted on Rajinikanth's "Jailer" with a staggering Day 1 earnings of Rs. 48.35 crore, setting an encouraging tone for its cinematic journey. This initial enthusiasm was further bolstered by its multilingual approach, with the Tamil version contributing Rs. 37.6 crore, the Telugu version adding Rs. 10.2 crore, and a modest Rs. 0.2 crore from the Kannada version. Impressively, even in the Hindi-speaking regions, it managed to garner Rs. 0.35 crore, marking a strong pan-Indian debut.

Day 2: Steady Momentum
On the second day, Rajinikanth's "Jailer" continued to enthrall audiences, amassing an impressive Rs. 26.56 crore. The Tamil and Telugu versions retained their substantial appeal, accounting for Rs. 21.52 crore and Rs. 4.71 crore, respectively. The Kannada and Hindi versions contributed Rs. 0.2 crore and Rs. 0.13 crore, respectively, showcasing a consistent presence across different linguistic territories. Despite experiencing a slight decline of 45.07% from its opening day, the film's strength remained undiminished.

Day 3: Promising Saturday
As the weekend unfolded, "Jailer" maintained its allure, accumulating an estimated collection of Rs. 30 crore. With the potential for even higher numbers yet to be confirmed, the movie appears to be poised for a triumphant run. The cumulative earnings over the three days have surged to an impressive Rs. 104.91 crore, illustrating the film's widespread popularity.

Multilingual Marvel
What sets "Jailer" apart is its ability to transcend language barriers and capture the interest of audiences with varying language preferences. The Tamil version continues to lead with its substantial contribution of Rs. 37.6 crore, closely followed by the impressive Rs. 10.2 crore from the Telugu version. The Kannada and Hindi versions have also left their mark, contributing Rs. 0.2 crore and Rs. 0.35 crore, respectively.

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