Jail is better than home? Annoyed by wife, man asks Italy police to put him behind bars

There are a lot of shocking news from all over the world. Now, recently also, there has been a piece of shocking news which has been being discussed all over social media. In fact, it is an Italian case. Here, in the Gudonia area, a man approached the police and said something that made the police lose consciousness. In fact, he narrated his entire story to the police and said, 'He should be shifted to jail because he cannot live with his wife.'

The young man says, 'It is better to stay in jail than to stay at home with his wife. According to a report, the youth is originally from Albania. He told the police, 'It is very painful to be at home with my wife because my domestic life has become hell, I can't bear it anymore, I want to go to jail. In this case, the police did not ask her much about her wife, 'Does she quarrel with the person or do the two want to separate for any other reason?'

This is because the person himself is accused in many cases. Police said the youth was recently kept on house arrest for several months over a drug-related crime and was yet to remain in house arrest for a few more years. He was out on bail but when he approached the police he was arrested by the police in another case. The authorities then ordered him to be put in jail. Now the same youth's request has been accepted by the police and arrested. However, the young man's story has gone viral and people are enjoying it.

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