Entire Rajasthan engaged in combating grass hoppers
Entire Rajasthan engaged in combating grass hoppers

These days the children of locusts i.e. hoppers have increased the concern of farmers and state government. After the monsoon rains, hundreds of crores of hoppers are coming out of the ground and damaging the crop. The agriculture department and grasshopper warning organizations are constantly trying to destroy these hoppers and it is also being claimed that the situation is completely under control.

According to KL Gurjar, Deputy Director of Locust Warning Organization, there were large scale outbreaks of hoppers in cities like Jaisalmer, Pali, Nagaur, Barmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Churu, but now these have been controlled through pesticide spraying. Joint Director of Agriculture Department, Dr. Suyalal Jat also says that there was a large scale outbreak of hoppers, but efforts were started to control them in time and now hoppers are being seen in dispersed condition at selected places. The effort to control these hoppers continues unabated.

According to the Joint Director of Agriculture Department, Dr. Sualal Jat, the process adopted for eradication of locusts is designed to eliminate hoppers. These are eliminated by spraying pesticides such as chloropyriphos, lambdascylothrin and malathion. At present, the survey of locusts and hoppers is being done by the Department of Agriculture. Insecticide is available only in the surveying vehicle. Wherever hoppers are seen, they are promptly sprayed with insecticide to eliminate them. Since the wings of the hoppers do not grow and cannot fly, eliminating them is easier than locusts.

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