Jameela Jamil SLAMS Texas abortion laws; Posts against this

Jameela Jamil, a London-born actress, has criticised contentious changes to Texas abortion policy, stating that her own pregnancy termination "saved my life." On Sunday, the 35-year-old Los Angeles TV actress and activist took to Instagram to voice her 'disgust' at a recent decision in the right-wing US state that states pregnancies cannot be lawfully terminated beyond six weeks.


Jamil, 35, said her own abortion when she was younger - when she was eight weeks pregnant - left her with "not a minute of regret," but rather "deep relief and gratitude" that she lived in a country where abortion was "convenient and safe." In a tweet titled 'I had an abortion,' The Good Place actress described how she fell pregnant after two types of contraception failed and had an abortion in the first trimester. She said to her 3.4 million Twitter followers: "I was psychologically, physically, emotionally, and financially unstable, and I didn't want a child most of all. That should enough. My life is more important than the life of an unborn child."

'Especially for the disadvantaged,' she added, the Texan limitations would only lead to dangerous abortions. Meanwhile, the bill makes abortions illegal in Texas as early as six weeks — before some women even realise they are pregnant — and permits practically anybody to sue abortion facilities and others, according to the Daily Mail. People can also sue abortion providers or anybody who helps them have an abortion under the legislation.

Meanwhile, during the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas on Saturday night, Billie Eilish utilised her platform to make a political statement against the state's abortion restrictions. As the music singer, born Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell, addressed the audience, the words 'Bans Off Our Bodies' flashed on the screen behind her, adding, 'I'm sick and tired of old guys.' "Don't talk about our body."

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