Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan Alleged government over RUIS hospital incident, says this

After RUIA hospital incident in Tirupati that took 11 people’s lives amid disruption of Oxygen supply many political leaders came forward to criticize. In this , Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan responded to the incident said that  he was deeply saddened by the incident in which 11 people died. He said patients at the RUIA Hospital due to government negligence. Pawan alleged that there is a severe shortage of oxygen across the state, the government does not care.

Let us share about his incident that took place when the tanker from Chennai was delayed by five minutes. However, only the victims on the ventilator died while the rest of their condition remained stable.

In a statement Pawan says that by recalling earlier incident that the patients at government hospitals in Kurnool and Hindupur also died due to lack of oxygen supply and accused that the government did not take any action. Pawan Kalyan said that we are exercising restraint not to criticize at such a catastrophic time and demanded that the situation be rectified immediately. Jana sena chief Pawan Kalyan urged the government to take action not to repeat such tragic incidents elsewhere in the state.

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