This is how Shri Krishna killed Putna, Know the Story!

Aug 20 2019 07:00 PM
This is how Shri Krishna killed Putna, Know the Story!

All of you will be aware that every year the festival of the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated as Janmashtami. This year's Janmashtami is on 24th August and the Krishna Janmashtami is usually remembered for stories related to the slaughter of Krishna's hair and demons. So today we are going to tell you how Lord Krishna saved Putna by taking her out of the monster. Let us know.

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Who was Putna - According to Adipurana, Putna was the daughter of Kalbhiru Rishi. Her name was Charmati and she was married to the Roomiwan Rishi. Once the orbital sage had to move away from his home from some work. After he left, Charumati stayed with a Shudra. When Rishi sage returned to The Roomiwan, he was deeply saddened by the misbehavior of Charumati and tried to find out the whole situation with his inner mind. After knowing the truth, he became very angry and cursed Charumati for being demonized. After that, Charumati became demonized and killed children and began drinking their blood.

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How did Krishna kill Putna - once Kansa sent a demon called Putna to kill Krishna. Putana promised Kansa that she would kill Krishna within 10 days. When she reached Gokul by the sky, she saw the celebration of Krishna's sixth house in Nand and thought that she would kill Krishna today.

From heaven to the earth, she dressed in the garb of a beautiful woman and went to the house of Nand. Inside the house, she could not recognize the woman. Krishna, who was swinging in the cradle, lifted up his lap from Putna and began feeding him. In fact, Putna had poisoned her breasts. As soon as she put Krishna's mouth near her breast, God demonstrated her power and she came into her demon. In this way, with Krishna's grace, she was killed.

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