Janmashtami: 3 must-have Methais THIS festive season

The celebration of Janmashtami commemorates Lord Krishna's birth. Who was also one of Lord Vishnu's tenth form. Lord Krishna, also known as 'Makhan chor,' was a 'Foodie,'. Every year, Janmashtami is observed with great dedication and passion. Devotees adorn the Paalna (the cradle where Krishna ji rests after birth) and prepare a variety of tasty pakwaan for the festival. So we've bought you, sweets, since Janmashtami is i complete without them.


Shrikhand is made with hung curd (dahi), sugar and garnished with cardamom powder and saffron. It is an easy and tasty recipe that can be made at home in 15 to 20 mins. And this is a recipe which will definitely be loved by everyone in your family at this festival.


Panchamrit, which means five nectar, is made out of five ingredients, each signifying something. Starting with milk, which is for the blessing of purity, curd for prosperity and progeny, honey for sweet speech, ghee for victory and lastly sugar that is for happiness. It is considered an important part of the puja and offering on Janmashtami.

Makkhan Mishri

Lord Krishna's anecdote of stealing Makkhan from the houses of Gokul is a story every Indian child knows. That is also a reason why he is also called 'Makkhan Chor'. Makkhan Mishri is among the first sweets made on his birthday. This is a simple sweet made with fresh white butter, mishri and topped with a tulsi leaf.

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