Jahangir Ratanji was extremely fond of flying

New Delhi: Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata or JRD TATA was the first airline trader to give the country. JRD was the first Indian to get a TATA pilot certificate. He was fond of flying in the air. Air India, the country's government airline, has returned to the TATA Group. Today is the death anniversary of Bharat Ratna awardee JRD TATA. JRD know about the philosophy of his life in the words of TATA.

What does the Tata family mean?: JRD TATA had pointed out that if they were not the sons of RD TATA or were not born in the home of a particular person in the country, they would not have received so much motivation from anywhere. JRD TATA was inspired by the fact that Jamshedji Tata was in his life. That is why they also had the courage to believe in themselves and do something. Initially, JRD TATA had little doubt about its ability to follow in the footsteps of its ancestors. He thanks his father. He understands very well what it means to be a TATA.

Opposition to British rule: JRD TATA was an anti-British Indian and a little more Indian than a French. He was more French than an Indian because French was his important language. JRD TATA was against British rule and thought that if they were in the French army, they would have been used to crush the colonial rebellion.

Future of flying machines: Flying machines clearly had no future at that time except during the war. Their pilots were rowdy, the ships were also making a lot of noise, they used to gather the crowd. Sometimes the aeroplane and its pilot were taken away. Apart from sports and spectacles, except for a few crazy people in the air club, they did not understand the future of civil aviation at that time. Officially, the intervention of the moustached policeman was visible only when there was a complaint that a farmer's farm was uprooted by an aeroplane or a cow was also injured.

Happy to get a flying licence: According to reports, according to JRD TATA, they were not as happy to receive a document as they had received due to a small blue and golden certificate issued by Aero Club India of India and Myanmar by Federation Aeronautical International. The truth is that it was just a number that Tata proudly added for itself. Tata was the first person to get a flying licence in India, while flying had become a serious business in many parts of the world at that time.

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