Jennifer Lopez reveals the secret of success, fans get shocked

Sep 08 2019 02:02 PM
Jennifer Lopez reveals the secret of success, fans get shocked

Hollywood's pop star Jennifer Lopez has revealed her simple and two-word success mantra. Let us know that everyone is surprised to hear this and at the same time, many people are also very impressed by it. Let us know that the Hollywood pop star Jennifer Lopez is a big name and you will find her fans all over the world.

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Talk about her success mantra, she has given a mantra of two words and said that 'hard work'. According to a recent report by, she has said, "My business philosophy is that you have to work harder than the rest."

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Further, in one of her interviews, the singer has said that I always tell my children and they say, 'Yes, we know that you work hard'. Then I explain to them that no, it is not that I work hard. I work harder than other people. At the same time, I work hard and hard and hard and hard. At the same time, when everyone is sleeping, then I am working hard. 'This is just a relentless pursuit of creativity'.

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