Jewar airport will be very special, code will be necessary for passengers
Jewar airport will be very special, code will be necessary for passengers

Noida: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to lay the foundation stone of Noida International Airport today. Tell all of you that Noida Airport will not only be the largest airport in the country but will also be state-of-the-art. It is said to be paperless and contact less. Not only that, but most importantly, it will work entirely with the digital system. In fact, this will be the first airport in the country to have access and evacuation from a single terminal.

"Everything from booking tickets to completing the journey will be done through mobile," said Christopher Schneelman, CEO, Yamuna International Airport. It will have an app through which you can book tickets. The payment will also be made from the same. It will have qr code, as soon as it is shown at the entry gate, it will be scanned and the gate will open. He further informed that 'tickets will not be required even during the journey. The app will also provide complete information about the plane. The paper will not be used anywhere nor will any employee be required at the time of admission or withdrawal. The airport will have entry and evacuation facility from the same terminal. This will be the first airport in India. '

Tell all of you that all the airports that have been built so far get evacuation from one terminal and entry from the other. This will greatly reduce the rush of passengers and at the same time save their time. Let me tell you that state-of-the-art technology will be used while constructing noida airport, which will not lead to pollution problem. Recently, Christopher Schnelman said that its construction will use metals that will not emit carbon and will be completely pollution free. It is said to be the country's model airport, which will be entirely based on digital technology. Let me tell you that noida airport will start flying in 2024.

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