Jewellery worth Rs 65 lakh missing from PNB locker, FIR lodged

Ghaziabad: A unique case of manipulation has come to light in a branch of The Punjab National Bank (PNB) located in Thana Sihani Gate area of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Here, someone stole jewellery worth about Rs 65 lakh kept in a locker of the bank, but no one even knew about it. Even the bank employees were unaware of it. Now a case has been registered against the bank employees. In fact, the account of Priyanka Gupta, a resident of Ashok Nagar, had been opened at a PNB branch in the Nehru Nagar area of Sihani Gate police station for the past 20 years. Priyanka Gupta had kept her jewellery in the locker of the same bank, the value of which is estimated to be around Rs 65 lakh.

Priyanka had last used her locker in 2019, after which when she approached the bank to open the locker in December 2021, her locker could not be opened as it did not show her key. After this, the bank staff and manager gave them a number and sent it saying that soon you will be informed. When Priyanka Gupta did not get any response even after being contacted two or three times in a row, she decided to demolish the locker, after which the locker was broken in the presence of bank employees. When the locker broke, the ground slipped under Priyanka Gupta's feet. In fact, her valuables kept in the locker were missing. There were only a few items wrapped in yellow cloth left. Jewellery worth about Rs 65 lakh kept in the locker had gone missing.

After the incident, Priyanka Gupta lodged her complaint with the Sihani Gate police station in Ghaziabad. Police said that we have registered a case and started the action. Obviously, people consider it safer to bank lockers than their homes for their valuables. But, even if the valuables start disappearing from the locker of the bank, then the confidence of the people is bound to rise from the banks. 

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