Your things and deposits are not safe even in a bank locker
Your things and deposits are not safe even in a bank locker

Most people prefer to keep their jewelry and other valuables in a bank locker, as they feel that it is safer to keep them in a locker than at home. The chances of their being stolen in the bank are much less than in the house, but do you know that the bank does not take any responsibility for the things kept in the locker because it does not know what is kept in the locker. Now you will be shocked to know that when your valuables are not safe even in the locker, then what is the use of keeping them there, but wait, the bank locker is really safe, but if If you insure it, then it will be safer.

So the question arises that how will their insurance be? There are many general insurance companies, which provide bank locker insurance under their home insurance or content insurance products. One of the few companies that offer such insurance is Iffco Tokyo General Insurance.

Under which circumstances cover
The policy of the company gives cover on the loss or ruin of things kept in the bank locker in these circumstances.
- Accident
- theft
- Dishonesty by bank employees
- Terrorist acts

Extended coverage
- Share and stock certificates, deposit receipts
- Insurance policy
- Title Deeds, Plans and Manuscripts
- Passport
- Other personal records and certificates

Insurance can be taken not only for jewelry and other valuables but also for the necessary documents kept in the bank locker. The company offers minimum insurance of Rs 3 lakh for just Rs 300 and a maximum insurance of Rs 40 lakh for Rs 2,500. Apart from IFFCO Tokyo, Tata AIG offers similar insurance under the name of Jewelry & Valuables Insurance. Another company offers similar insurance under the name of the HDFC Argo Jewelers Package.

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