Troubled by molestation, girl sought police security in examination

Feb 19 2020 01:20 PM
Troubled by molestation, girl sought police security in examination

The cases of crime coming these days are shocking everyone. In such a case, the case that has come up is from Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the students, who have given the 12th examination, have to ask the police to get the exam under security cover. A student of intermediate of Samathar police station in Jhansi district has demanded security to appear in the board examination. The student was molested on Valentine's Day and from then on she was constantly talking about action. Now the victim says that there are two people who harass her while going to college. On 14 February, they also molested her.

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About this, the girl said, "I have an inter paper. We want the police to file our case and protect us." Moth Jhansi CO Abhishek Rahul told, 'A student of Samathar had given an application to the SSP. It was alleged that some people molest the student and are stopping her from giving exams. A case has been registered."

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In this case, on 14 February, two youths rushed to the girl's house riding on a bike, and the youngsters started punishing the girl by showing them knives. When the student's father came to save her, the youths stabbed and injured him. In this case, it is now alleged that some mischievous elements come to the student's house late night and stumble at the door and the student has an intermediate board examination. The student has appealed to the administration to give her protection for the examination. CO Moth, who is investigating this case, says that the girl has given a complaint letter regarding molestation. There has also been talk of stopping from taking the exam. We have registered an FIR on the girl's complaint. If she encounters any problem, the police will take her to get the exam.

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