Idols of Hindu deities found in dam, chaos in locality

Hazaribagh: A large number of statues of Hindu deities have been seized from Charwa dam in the Hazaribagh city of Jharkhand. There has been panic in the area as news of the receipt of the statue from the dam spread. The people who arrived on the same occasion have also built a temporary temple there, heavy police force has been deployed in the entire area as soon as the information is received.

The same police say that out of the idols seized from the dam, white stone statues of Shiva Linga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati and Nandi, about two feet long, have been found. As soon as the news of the idols was received, people started approaching the dam in the big statistics and started worshipping thereby pitching temporary tents.

On the other hand, Pelawal police station in-charge Abhishek Kumar Singh said that the idols were stolen from the temples of the area in a huge statistic, it is suspected that these are the same statues which were hidden in the dam for sale. He also said that all the nearby police stations have been informed about the same and it is being ascertained whether any of the idols that were stolen are present in the recovered statue. At the same time, continuous investigation is being carried out by the officers.

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