Jharkhand Ministers give a statement on Swami Agnivesh's assaulting incident

On Tuesday, a case of assaulting BJP youth activists of social worker Swami Agnivesh in Jharkhand was revealed. It can be seen in the video of the incident that Swami Agnivesh was assaulted and his clothes were also torn. Hindu organizations had opposed Swami Agnivesh's visit and when Swami Agnivesh came in front of them, they were attacked. After this incident, the statement of the Minister of Jharkhand Government has also come.

Jharkhand Government Minister CP Singh said, "As far as I know, Swami Agnivesh gets funds from abroad. Those who wear saffron cloth, are just to confuse ordinary Indians. He is a fraud, no master. They attacked themselves so that they could get headlines. Prior to this, Rahul Gandhi had attacked the BJP and PM Modi in gestures, tweeting the video of the assault with Swami Agnivesh. Rahul Gandhi had accused BJP of suppressing the voice of weaker people. Rahul Gandhi had gestures and gestures through PM Modi also through this tweet."

BJP's Jharkhand Pradesh general secretary and state head in charge Deepak Prakash said on the incident, "There is no place for violence in a democracy. The party is investigating the incident of Agnivesh with the seriousness of the incident. Workers of BJP or its affiliated organizations cannot do such violence." However, he also advised that he stopped playing with other religious sentiments.

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Yadav, criticized the incident and tweeted that in BJP-ruled states, BJP goons attacked Swami Agnivesh. In these states, BJP goons have no fear of law. The culprits should be punished. Also, BJP should apologize for this shameful event.

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