Pretending to be hanged, woman accidentally commits suicide

Ranchi: A lot of incidents keep coming up from the country on the same day, a heartbreaking case has come out from Dhanbad in Jharkhand where the drama of hanging 32-year-old Tara Devi became expensive. Everyone was stunned when the police revealed the case. According to the 8-year-old daughter, her mother was acting as a hanging to intimidate her husband, so that the daughter could send her hanging picture to the father. But the time was somewhat different. While making the picture of hanging, Tara's leg slipped from the stool and she went straight to death.

Actually, this case is near the Ramkanali filter plant in the Ramkanali OP area of Dhanbad. Where husband Manoj Mahato got second marriage to Tara. Tara went against her family and got married. At the same time, Tara's mother Gauri Devi said that this was also her second marriage to Tara. He had taken this step against the whole family, but Manoj also did not get happiness from him, so he has committed suicide. According to the police, a video of Tara has also been received in which she is saying that she decided to get married in protest against the whole family, but this man also turned out to be the same.

According to the news received, Manoj also has an eight-year-old daughter who lived with Manoj and Tara. The daughter says that the mother acted to hang her to intimidate the father. The mother had said that the father would be scared to send the hanging picture. Due to hanging, the mother's foot slipped from the stool and started splashing. The daughter said that people did not reach even after shouting a lot.

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