J-Hope at ‘Starry Night, talks about his Lollapalooza experience, which BTS member supported him the most

On August 10th BTS member, J-Hope appeared as a guest on the MBC standard FM 'Kim Eana's Starry Night' broadcast. Recently, J-Hope headlined the finale of the Lollapalooza Festival held in Chicago, USA, and became a world star. He was the first Korean solo actor to be selected as the main stage headliner for Lollapalooza. 

When asked, "How did you feel when you were selected?" J-Hope said, "At first, I had the feeling that it might be hard for me to do it. But as time went on, I have been doing crazy things. So this shouldn’t be any different.” 

In response, Kim Eana said, "I was really surprised when I saw the full video. I frankly tried to watch it by pressing the back button, but I watched it from start to finish," she said, appreciating J-Hope's performance.

J-Hope further said, "I didn't want to give the costume too much extra power. The parts I wanted to show were sincere about the music, so I visually toned it down to focus on those parts.” J-Hope, who delivered various messages through 'Jack In The Box', which was released in July, said that he has a great longing for learning. Right now, I’m doing it a little bit,” he said. In this regard, Kim Eana said, "I highly recommend studying the language from the standpoint of writing lyrics."

When Eana asked about the people that supported him the most, he took Jimin and Bang PD’s names. He said these people flew out to Chicago to support him and he was extremely grateful for that. He felt lonely before but seeing them made him feel right at home. The rest of the members also sent him encouraging messages to him, but his bond with Jimin was at a different level. 

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