This story of Eagle and Jackal must be heard on Jeevputrika fast

Sep 20 2019 05:40 PM
This story of Eagle and Jackal must be heard on Jeevputrika fast

The 'Jeevaputrika' fast comes day and this year it is on 21st September i.e, tomorrow. Women keep this fast for the good health and longevity of their son, and it is mainly done in Bihar and other parts of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, in many places, it is called as Jitiya fast and in many areas of neighbouring country Nepal, this fast is very popular. By the way, this fast is usually done by women and during this time, mothers keep fast for 24 hours or even more than that. At the same time, women keep this fast every year on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month and this fast starts from Saptami and end on Navami. Today we are going to tell you the story of the eagle and Jackal which is compulsory to be heard on this day of fast. 

Story of Eagle- Jackal: This story is popular in many parts of the country. once upon a time, an eagle lived on a Semar tree in a forest. There lives a Jackal in the bush nearby. Both were very friendly. Whatever the eagle brings to eat, of course, it would have a share forJackal. Jackal also took care of Eagle. once upon a time in a village near the forest, women were preparing to worship God on the day of Jeevputrika fast. eagle looked at her carefully and told her friend Jackal about it. After this, both of them started fasting on Jeevputrika. Both of them remain hungry and thirsty day, prayed, and kept fast, but in the night, the Jackal began to starve from hunger.

When jackal found it uncontrollable to stay hungry, she went to the jungle and ate meat and bones. When Eagle heard the sound of chewing bones, she asked about this. Jackal told the whole thing. Eagle strongly scolded Jackal and asked why she had taken a vow when she could not fast! The fast of Jackal was dissolved but Eagle completed the fast by staying hungry and thirsty. According to the story, in the next life, both of them became sisters in the form of princesses in human form. Jackal was the elder sister and was married to a prince. At the same time, Eagle was a younger sister, she was married to a minister of the same state.

Later both became Princess and ministress. The children of the Jackal Queen died, while the children of the Eagle remained healthy and healthy. This made her jealous. Due to jealousy, the Jackal Queen repeatedly tried to kill her sister's children and her husband, but could not succeed. She later realized her mistake and apologized. On being told by her sister, she kept a fast of Jeevputrika. 

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