Jodhpur: Murder of sister-in-law, corpse found in box after 3 days

Apr 17 2021 01:07 PM
Jodhpur: Murder of sister-in-law, corpse found in box after 3 days

Jodhpur: Apart from the corona epidemic, many other heart-wrenching cases are coming from the country, in the meantime, another case has come out from Rajasthan. In fact, in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan, a sister-in-law murdered her sister-in-law and wrapped her body in a box, and put it in a box. Three days after the murder, the misdeed of the sister-in-law came to light when the corpse smelled. The sister-in-law used to get her sister-in-law to talk on her mobile, so her sister-in-law killed her.

This sensational incident of murder is from Jhanwar police station area of ​​Jodhpur. According to the investigating officer Kishan Lal Bishnoi, Rekha lived with her children in the bhani of the Bhils of Badalia village. Her sister-in-law Pooja, who hails from Roht in Pali district for the past one week, came to her house. Ever since Pooja came there, she used to talk on her phone throughout the day. 

Seeing this, Rekha said to her sister-in-law Pooja that she will tell her brother that she talks to someone on mobile all day. Pooja felt that if Rekha told her husband that she was talking on mobile, then problems would arise for her. Thinking this, on Tuesday night, Pooja attacked Rekha with a sharp weapon while she was sleeping. The attack was so dangerous that Rekha died from it. Due to the mystery of Rekha's death not being revealed, Pooja wrapped her corpse in a box and put it in a box. When Rekha's daughter and son asked Pooja where her mother was, she said that her mother has gone to Jodhpur. At this, the two children went to their maternal uncle's house.

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