Joe Biden admin calls for to unfreeze Afghan central bank reserves
Joe Biden admin calls for to unfreeze Afghan central bank reserves

Washington: The Biden administration has urged the Afghan national bank to unfreeze its deposits. US legislators have requested Vice President Joe Biden's administration to unfreeze USD 9.4 billion in Afghan central bank reserves.

According to sources, Democratic US House members wrote to US President Joe Biden and the Treasury Department to express their support for American friends and humanitarian specialists in encouraging the US to avoid harsh economic measures that will directly damage Afghan families and children.

"We join American allies and humanitarian experts in encouraging the US to refrain from taking harsh economic measures that will disproportionately hurt Afghan families and children," the lawmakers wrote in a letter released Monday. "This implies altering current US policy regarding the freeze of Afghanistan's foreign reserves and ongoing sanctions in a thoughtful but urgent manner."

Afghanistan's declining economy and humanitarian breakdown, according to Lawmakers, threatens to ignite a new refugee crisis across the region. The Lawmakers said, the US decision to freeze Afghanistan's central bank reserves is contributing to rising inflation as well as the closure of commercial banks and important private firms.

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