Kabul Attack: US avenged! Killed 13 terrorists for killing soldiers
Kabul Attack: US avenged! Killed 13 terrorists for killing soldiers

Kabul: The Islamic State (IS), a world-rocked terror group, has started their bad days after a bomb blast at Afghanistan's Kabul airport. Wherever was the US going to sit silent after losing 13 of its soldiers in the blasts at Kabul airport? Now he has started taking revenge on the terrorists selectively. A day after the Kabul attack, the US has launched an airstrike against IS militants in Afghanistan and killed the mastermind of the attack.

In this way, the US has avenged the death of 13 of its soldiers within 48 hours of the Kabul blast within ISIS-K. According to the Pentagon, the US has bombed the IS's hideout with a drone through an unmanned aircraft and killed the mastermind of the Kabul terror attack. A US Central Command spokesman said the unmanned airstrike was carried out in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The spokesman said initial indications indicate that the target (the mastermind of the Kabul attack) has been killed while there have been no civilian casualties.

On Thursday, 13 US army personnel were killed and more than 169 injured, mostly Afghan civilians, in fidayeen attacks in Kabul. It was then that US President Joe Biden warned the terrorists that he would avenge the Kabul blast and find out and kill the mastermind of the attack. He had said emotionally in the White House that we will not forget or forgive the attack, we will selectively hunt down terrorists.

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