John Cena completes 20 years of WWE

John Cena has completed 20 years at WWE. This month is being celebrated in WWE in the name of John Cena. Well, it had already happened that John Cena is going to appear in RAW this week. This week in RAW, John Cena was throughout the show and everyone welcomed him. Fans were also happy to see Cena's entry.

John Cena's special message: Initially, the backstage segment had John Cena in it. All the wrestlers applauded for him and Cena had also embraced him. After which, Cena also appeared in the backstage segment with some wrestlers. Well, in the middle of the show, John Cena entered the ring. First Vince McMahon came and he had called Cena. Cena came and the fans were happy. After which Cena gave a special promo and managed to win everyone's heart. John Cena has spoken about this that today is his birthday in WWE and he is going to celebrate it here. John Cena has sent a message to the fans after and thanked them. Cena said, "I don't know when I'll be in the ring again. I'm not saying I won't come, but I don't know when it will happen. Hearing this from John Cena, everyone thanked and cheered him.''


Cena said he didn't know when he would come. Well, the fans were definitely happy to see Cena. Cena also appeared in a different look this time. He looked quite fit. Well, he hinted that he is not going to be seen in the WWE ring at the moment. In the coming time, he will definitely return to the ring. Now it remains to be seen when Cena's next entry is going to take place in the WWE ring.


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