Amber Heard gets big shock, confidential video surfaced in court

Jul 26 2020 06:18 PM
Amber Heard gets big shock, confidential video surfaced in court

At this time, 57-year-old 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fame star Johnny Depp is in the news. Depp has filed a lawsuit against Newspaper's publisher, News Group newspaper and its executive editor Dan Wootton for a 2018 news. In which it is alleged that he has used violent behavior and derogatory words towards his former wife Amber Hurd.

A hearing is going on in a London court regarding this matter. At the same hearing, a video clip of Johnny Depp's lawyers has been presented before the court. While presenting this clip, it is being claimed that his former wife Amber Heard attacked her own sister. Lawyers said he had received the video from a "confidential" source on Thursday night. However, earlier, Herd's sister Whitney Henriquez testified in court that Herd had never attacked her. Discussing the video, Amber's sister said, "it was filmed mainly in 2006 or 2007, and was part of a reality television program. My sister has never been violent."

Amber Hurd has given her statement in a London court. In which he said that I was threatened by ex-husband Johnny Depp. After which I started feeling that he is going to kill me. During a hearing in a London court, Depp also accused his former wife of treating him like a demon. In 2016, Amber ended the marriage, accusing Johnny Depp of assault, but Depp has always denied these allegations.

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