Jungle Man Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav

Many snakes are killed every day because of superstition and misunderstanding respectively millions of people also killed because of the bite of snake’s people don’t have an idea of that how to give proper first aid. The jungles are dying therefore reptiles like snakes are coming into human society in search of food. Snakes are poisonous therefore people kill them. Therefore I (Akash Jadhav) thought that I should do something about it and started rescuing snakes and wild animals from different places and bring them to a safer place away from human societies.

I was born in a middle-class family in Nagardev. Nagardev is a small village in Ahmednagar. Our financial condition was really bad so I could not afford to study more and left studies after 7th standard.

That was the year 2007 when I got to know that one of my relatives named Sunil Bhambal who was from Satara rescue snakes I was interested in saving snakes and wild animals so I thought to go Satara to learn this skill but my family didn’t permit me for this. I lied to my family and went to Sunil. Within 1 year I learned about many kinds of Indian snakes and concerning that, I also learned rescuing snakes from my relative Sunil, and by the time I became perfect in that.

In 2008 I started this work in Ahmednagar. It was a really busy day I was getting 5 to 10 rescue calls from the different villages of Ahmednagar. I was ready every time no matter what time I get a rescue call. The workload was Increasing so I thought to have more people in our team and by the time Atul Pakhare, Nawaz Shaikh, Rishikesh Jadhav, Shiraj Sayyed, Siddhant Waghchaure, Rishikesh Paredeshi, Aniket Pakhare Joined us and we started working as a team.

While rescuing snakes I got to know that there is so much superstition about snakes in our Indian society such as (1). When snakes die, their mate takes revenge (2). Snakes Take photos of their enemies. (3). The snakes are immortal (4). Two-mouthed snakes are sold abroad for millions of rupees. (5). Snakes dance on the sound of “Been (A musical Instrument which claimed to attract snakes)” many more such misconceptions are in Indian society which cause killing snakes by fear. Also, people don’t have proper knowledge of treatment or first aid because of this many people die due to Snake poison.

So, with rescue work, I started to aware people about snakes and First aid to save them from snake poison we started this campaign from house to house we also approached many collages and explained to student by using images and banners people were appreciating our work and I was really happy with this effort. But we were just spread this knowledge in the district Ahmednagar but I want this thing to go all among the country but didn’t have the idea that how to implement.

Later I started a YouTube Channel Named “Sarpmitra Akash Jadhav” now I could share my knowledge all over the country. We started uploading Rescue videos on that channel and also started to aware people of snakes through that YouTube channel we got really strong support from the audience. Today we are a family of more than 40 Lakh people on our YouTube channel. We are happily operating in Ahmednagar and love this work, Thank you.

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