This mushroom can make you sick, know the reason

Feb 27 2020 05:10 PM
This mushroom can make you sick, know the reason

Today we are going to tell you about mushrooms. It is a type of fungus that grows on rotten organic matter on its own during rainy days. Nowadays, mushroom cultivation is also done in the country and abroad. Though there are many types of mushrooms that people eat, recently researchers have discovered a species of dangerous and poisonous mushrooms, which is far from food, just touching it will make you weak.

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This poisonous red-colored mushroom is found in Australia. This fungus is found only in Asian countries like Japan and Korea, but a few days ago this fungus has been discovered in Queensland. According to media reports, many people have also died in Japan and South Korea due to this poisonous fungus. People considered it an edible fungus used in traditional medicine and mixed it in tea, and after which they died.

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According to scientists, this fungus is considered so poisonous that eating it causes organ failure, that is, human organs stop functioning completely or else it can also cause brain damage. Even just touching it causes swelling in the body. According to researchers at James Cook University (JCU), it is the only fungus whose venom can be absorbed through the skin. This poisonous fungus named Podostroma cornu-dama was first discovered in China in the year 1895. According to recent reports, this fungus has also been observed in Indonesia and New Papua Guinea.

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