Justin Trudeau, who supported the farmers' movement, now upset by the demonstration of 'truck drivers', imposed emergency"

Ottawa: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called for stopping thousands of truck drivers agitating in Ottawa against the Corona restrictions. Trudeau left the prime minister's residence and went to a secret location after the truck drivers protested. Several days later, PM Trudeau has spoken about this demonstration in the House of Commons of Parliament. He said that, 'truck drivers' demonstrations have to be stopped.'

Giving information about this, Trudeau wrote in his Instagram post that, 'Tonight in the House of Commons I spoke about the situation in Ottawa. I said that the Canadian people have the right to protest, to disagree with their government and to raise their voices, but they do not have the right to disrupt our economy, our democracy, or the everyday lives of our other citizens. This has got to stop.' Trudeau further said that, 'I say clearly, whatever resources are needed to bring the situation under control, our government will arrange it. We are here for the people of Ottawa and our people across the country.' Let us tell you that on 6 February 2022, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency. Truckers have been demonstrating in Ottawa for 10 days.

Regarding this, Jim Watson had said that this decision has been taken due to the demonstration being surrounded by the city. He had said in his statement that, 'It is clear from the declaration of emergency that such ongoing demonstrations are a serious threat to the safety of the people. On such an occasion, the Canadian government needs to take strong steps, so that the people can be helped. Let us tell you that in the year 2020, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau gave a statement in support of the ongoing 'Farmer Movement' in Delhi, interfering in the internal affairs of India. He had said that the situation in India is worrying and Canada always supports peaceful protests.

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