Jyoti Das’ unique strategy helps her fashion brand ‘Jyo Shop’ get the global appreciation

In this modern era, we have welcomed the latest fashion outfits and accessories from the west. However, the trend of old school and hand-embroidered products eventually got diminished. Bringing the trend of timeless designs back in action, Jyoti Das’ online shopping platform ‘Jyo Shop’ is one of the leading fashion brands that showcase the rich Indian tradition.
 Known for its wide range of ornaments, outfits and handcrafted products, the brand has expanded its horizons in the global market. Jyoti Das with her exquisite creativity has taken the Indian heritage and its designs in the global outlets of ‘Jyo Shop’ across Cannes, Paris, Monaco and Milan. While the fashion brand was established to uplift the wellbeing of Indian artisans, it has successfully launched an array of products catering to women internationally.
 “In 1996, I started with a team of around five artisans to design unique hand-embroidered products. Started on a small scale, the products got an extremely overwhelming response with sales increasing at an exponential rate”, says Jyoti, the founder of ‘Jyo Shop’. The brand however came into existence in 2017 and today ‘Jyo Shop’ has more than 200 artisans creating sustainable and eco-friendly designs for customers all over the world.
Ever since it was launched, the fashion brand has created its niche in the industry. Keeping the quality and consistency intact, the traditional artwork designed by the artisans stands apart from other contemporary brands. As of today, a majority of the products sold of the brand are across Europe and the USA.
 Highlighting India’s diversified culture on a global map
The vision has been to create the rarest hand-embroidered products personifying India’s tradition. Speaking about the same, the founder said, “India is highly rich when it comes to different cultures and traditions. Every state has its rituals, attires and its history. My team intends to be unique by designing traditional products that have a deep meaning behind them.” Taking a completely different route in the fashion industry, ‘Jyo Shop’ has undeniably set its footprints as one of the profound shopping platforms for women.
 Setting new trends with its old school approach
‘Jyo Shop’ has been majorly focusing on how to be unique in the women’s shopping ecosystem. On one hand, where a majority of brands stay in the race with the latest fashion trends, Jyoti Das’ shopping platform has been bringing different traditions to life with its limited designs. Through a holistic approach, a majority of the products and accessories have garnered immense appreciation from the global audience.
To all the women looking out to buy the exclusive collection of outfits, ornaments and hand-embroidered products, you can check out the website www.jyoshop.com. 

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