Jyotsna recovered from COVID-19 shares post and says, ''The worst thing that happened to me....''

Jyotsna, a singer and a Super 4 judge, has recovered from COVID-19. The singer talked out about her recent experience after testing positive two weeks ago. Jyotsna has sent a statement on her social media account thanking everyone who supported her during her struggle with COVID-19.

"So, two weeks ago, I experienced the unavoidable. The only difference is that it picked me when I was away from home. It's far away. I was totally unprepared. To make matters worse, it also infected everyone at home "she penned Jyotsna also thanked everyone who had helped her along the way in the message.

"So this is a thank-you note to all those wonderful people who stood by my side. They were the ones that went above and above to make sure I was okay. The hot chocolates, chukku kaapis, and novels that were sent my way; the pyjamas that rescued me when I was out of clothing! "I'll be here if you need anything," they say. Even the solitary texts of "Are you okay?" All of this served as a lovely reminder that good people exist. So, instead of identifying anybody specific, make it official and cheesy. You're all well aware of who you are. There is so much affection. Everyone, please keep careful "she continued.


Jyotsna had also posted a video collage with the note, which showed how she spent her quarantine days. Jyotsna Radhakrishnan is one of Malayalam entertainment's most brilliant singers. However, her appearance as a judge on 'Super 4' made her a household figure among television viewers.

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