Sonakshi will bring Rani's reality in front of Sippy family

The TV serial 'Kaha Hum Kaun Tum' is going to have a tremendous turn in the coming days. Sonakshi Rastogi and Dr. Rohit Sippy's love story is shown in this TV show aired on Star Plus. Sonakshi and Rohit got married in this TV show just a few days ago, but after this, new problems are arising in the Sippy family one by one. News has emerged of Rohit's aunt Pooja Sippy's daughter Nishi Sippy's audition.

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With this, a character named Rani has been entered in the show. Nishi has been summoned by Pooja's mind to try to divert her mind from Pooja's attempts to find her real mother. Pooja considers Rani to be her real mother and due to this, she started accepting Rani more than Nishi. Now Rani is taking advantage of this trouble of Nishi and is trying to prove herself great in the mind of Pooja, instead of poisoning against her. So that she can recover big money from Nishi.

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So far, Sonakshi is also unknown in addition to worship like this reality of the queen. But soon Rani's reality is going to open in front of Sonakshi in the TV show. According to the media reports, soon after this, Sonakshi is going to save the whole Sippy family from this trouble named Rani. After this, once again, respect for Sonakshi in the Sippy family is going to increase even more. Rohit can also be a fan of Sonakshi once again. So are you excited to watch this upcoming episode. If yes, then please tell us your answer.

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