Follow These Tips To Keep Your Kajal Smudge Free
Follow These Tips To Keep Your Kajal Smudge Free

To enhance the beauty of the face, it is necessary to make the eyes look attractive and to make the eyes attractive, kajal works. Kajal makes you look very beautiful but after it spreads, your look also gets spoiled. To avoid this, today we are going to tell you some tips on how to improve your look. With its help, mascara can be prevented from spreading.

- When the mascara spreads badly, it starts to look like a dark circle. So in this way you can use eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner on the skin under the eyes, make sure that the eyeliner is not even inside the eyes. Apply as if you have applied mascara

- You can apply both kajal and eyeliner so that it does not spread. Apply kajal first and then apply eyeliner from under it. Fat mascara is very good to see and it also enhances the beauty of the eyes. After this, do not forget to apply powder.

- Before applying mascara, clean your face with toner and apply it under the eyes. This will keep the skin clean and dry.

- Apply a little powder under the eyes before applying mascara to the eyes.

Choose a mascara that is not spread. Waterproof mascara does not spread at all and lasts for a long time.

- While applying kajal, do not apply it to the edge of the eyes, because of this, there is a fear of spreading the kajal. To keep the mascara from spreading, apply a very thin layer towards the edge of the eyes and a thick layer in the middle.

- Apply thick mascara before sleeping at night. Then in the morning when the mascara has spread, then clean it, it will remain intact and will not spread again.

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