Tomorrow is Kalashtami fast, do this remedy to get success in life

Feb 14 2020 04:48 PM
Tomorrow is Kalashtami fast, do this remedy to get success in life

On Kalashtami, the worship of Kalabhairava, considered to be the Deity form of Lord Shiva, has special significance. He is considered the fifth incarnation of Shiva. Apart from this, they have two forms, the first is Batuk Bhairav, who is famous as a gentleman who gives sanctuary to devotees, while Kaal Bhairav is a fierce punisher who controls criminal tendencies. No one can give shelter in the three worlds to those who destroy the devotees of Lord Bhairav. Kaal is also afraid of them, hence they are also called dandapanis due to having Kaal Bhairav and trident, sword and stick in their hands. At the same time, today, God knows the 5 miraculous measures of Bhairav, which, when done, removes enemy obstacles and misfortune and wakes up good luck.

Worship of lord shiva
Worshiping Lord Shiva on Kalashtami also brings blessings to Lord Bhairava, as Lord Bhairava was born as part of Lord Shiva. In addition to this, on the day of Kalashtami, offer 'Shiv Namah Shivay' with sandalwood to the Shivling on 21 pieces. Lord Bhairav will be pleased by worshiping with this method and your wishes will be fulfilled.

Visit Lord Bhairav's temple
On the day of Kalashtami, go to the temple of Lord Bhairav and offer vermilion, mustard oil, coconut, gram, chironji, pue and jalebi and worship with devotion.

Light a mustard oil lamp
To please Kaal Bhairav ji, light a lamp of mustard oil and recite Sri Kaalabhairavashtakam in front of the idol of Lord Bhairav from the day of Kalashtami to get his grace. Till this desire is complete, do this remedy daily with devotion.

Visit Kaal Bhairav for 40 days
From the day of Kalashtami, visit Kaal Bhairav repeatedly for 40 days. By doing this remedy, Lord Bhairav will be happy and fulfill your wish. This law of worship of Bhairav is called Chalisa which is made by adding 28 days and 12 zodiac signs of Chandramas.

Feed black dogs sweet bread
On the day of Kalashtami, feed sweet bread to the black dog to please Lord Bhairava. If a black dog is not available then you can do this by feeding any dog. By doing this remedy, not only Lord Bhairav but Shani Dev will also be blessed.

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