2021 Masik Kalashtami Vrat dates and Timing

The monthly Kalastami celebration is held on the krishna paksha ashtami day, which happens every month. This month's ashtami falls on November 27th and is dedicated to Lord Bhairava. It is also known as kalaashtami at the same period. He is worshipped on this day in order to get enormous power from Lord Bhairava, and his narrative is told throughout the puja. So, let us tell you about Kalastami's mythology.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh used to compete for supremacy. As the dispute heated up, all of the gods were summoned to a meeting. Who is the best, was the most often requested question. Everyone spoke their opinions and sought an explanation, but Shivaji and Vishnu backed it up, while Brahmaji insulted Shivaji. Shivaji became enraged and took it as an insult. In his rage, Shivaji gave birth to Bhairava in his own unique way.


This Bhairav avatar's vehicle is a black hound. In one hand, they hold a stick. Because this incarnation is also known as 'Mahakaleshwar,' he is referred to as Dandapati. The deities were scared to see Shivaji in this guise. In a fit of rage, Bhairava severed one of Brahmaji's five faces, leaving him with only four. As a result of Bhairavji's head being chopped off, he committed the sin of murdering Brahmaji. Shivaji appeared in his full form when Brahmaji apologised to Bhairav Baba. As a punishment for his transgressions, Bhairav Baba was forced to live as a beggar for several days. As a result, their sentence in Varanasi comes to an end after many years. 'Dandapani' was the name given to it.

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