'Kalki 2898 AD' Grabs Headlines Before Release Amid Artwork Theft Allegations
'Kalki 2898 AD' Grabs Headlines Before Release Amid Artwork Theft Allegations

The highly anticipated film 'Kalki 2898 AD' has been making waves ahead of its release. Recently, the second trailer of this film, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Prabhas, and Deepika Padukone, was released and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. Made with a substantial budget, the film's release date is fast approaching. Amidst all the excitement, 'Kalki 2898 AD' has found itself embroiled in controversy. A Hollywood concept artist has accused the makers of 'Kalki 2898 AD' of stealing his artwork.

Oliver Beck, the Hollywood concept artist in question, took to Twitter (now X) to substantiate his claims by posting two pictures. He wrote, "It was disappointing to see that some of the work I did for Star Trek: Prodigy was stolen by Vyjayanthi Films for their trailer. This is a matte painting I did for Star Trek under the direction of Ben Hibon and Alessandro Taini, and it appears in their trailer."

Beck further shared two more pictures for comparison and added, "They also directly stole work from the very talented Sung Choi."

In an interview with the Indian Express, Oliver Beck expressed, "When you are not an artist, it might be difficult to spot plagiarism. You may not see it immediately, but all my artist friends and the artist community I've spoken to are very clear that this was taken from my work. It is not an exact copy, but it clearly matches my work. They had contacted me to work on this film, so they are aware of my portfolio and have seen my work, making this a huge coincidence."

Regarding potential legal action, Beck mentioned that it would be challenging because the work is not an exact replica. "Legal recourse is challenging for me because it is not a direct copy of my work. For legal action, usually, the plagiarism has to be very clear, like in the case of Sung Choi, where his work was copied and pasted."

'Kalki 2898 AD' is set to release on June 27. The film features Deepika Padukone, Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan in significant roles. Directed by Nag Ashwin, it is produced under the banner of Vyjayanthi Movies, with a reported budget of 600 crores.

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