Kalpana Patwari's 'Chhath' song going viral reflected communal harmony
Kalpana Patwari's 'Chhath' song going viral reflected communal harmony

Bhojpuri Queen Famous singer Kalpana Patwari has released a music video on the chanting of Chhath, which is becoming viral.

New Delhi: Chhath is considered a festival of Hindus. But the reality is that Muslim communities in Bihar also worship Chhath for the long life of their children.

 Kalpana Patwari tried to show the faith of Muslim families against Chhath by launching music video. How the Muslim families are playing this tradition on Chhath over the years and this video is becoming viral on YouTube.



The sound of Kalpana in this video creates a devotional feeling and you will realize that Chhath festival breaks not only the caste discrimination but also the boundaries of religion. In the video, a Muslim family has been shown to play all the rituals during Chhath.

Kalpana Patwari has written, "Until last year, I did not know that the Satyagraha movement of Mahatma Gandhi started from Bihar's holy land Champaran. Knowing this, I found it necessary to prepare an audio-visual form called Champaran Satyagraha in the form of a musical tribute ... Only two months ago, I came to know from the famous directory and my dear friend Shruti Verma that there is not only Hindu celebrates Chhath for many years in Bihar Rather, Muslims also practice Chhath. I was surprised to hear this. "

This video was released on October 21 and is very popular on YouTube.

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