Kamal R Khan locked his Twitter account, know what's the matter

Kamal R Khan is always in the news for his statements. He had recently targeted Salman Khan and Mika Singh. Salman Khan had filed a defamation case against him and since then Kamal R Khan has been commenting on social media. Punjabi singer Mika Singh had expressed anger recently and after that he has now locked his Twitter account. Kamal Rashid Khan has changed the settings of his Twitter account. You can see that he has made the account private one. He did it last Sunday.

You can see that he has locked his account and now only his followers can watch his updates on Twitter. Let us also inform all of you that Mika Singh had posted on social media against KRK post. He had said in his post that "KRK only targets sof people'. Responding to a tweet, Mika Singh tweeted, "It screwes only famous and decent people. Please tell my son to unblock me. I am not Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap. I am his Father".

A video of Mika also surfaced saying, 'Salman has done a great job by filing the case against KRK. But I am angry with my brother as to why he took so long to do it. He is my neighbour. If you say something wrong about me, there will be no case but only slap he will get. KRK is such a big rat that he won't get out of his burrow, because he knows he's going to get covered as soon as he comes out'

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