Kamal Nath's attack on CM Shivraj, said - 'When all the people have to do it, then what is the use of the government?'"

Bhopal: Kamal Nath has attacked Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan's appeal to the people to join Anganwadis. Kamal Nath took the name of the CM and said that you looted the treasury at your event and you are asking the youth to leave with a handcart. What is the point of government when people have to do everything? Addressing CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Kamal Nath said that you looted the entire treasury of the state on events, events, campaigns, self-promotion, glorification and now you want to hold the handcart in the hands of the people of the state. Kamal Nath said that at least accept the truth, accept your failure.

The government which raises its hands and asks for help from the public, runs away from its responsibilities, it can be understood that that government has no right to continue in office and such government should be removed immediately. Kamal Nath said that when all the people have to do it, then what is the benefit of the government? If the government is removed, the people themselves will do everything. Kamal Nath questioned that your party has a government in Madhya Pradesh for the last 17 years. What is the reason that even today the number of malnutrition remains appalling and Madhya Pradesh is still on top in the country in terms of malnutrition.

The budget of crores, received in the name of removing it, gets lost due to corruption. Even today, thousands of Anganwadis in the state do not have electricity, drinking water, toilets, even medical education kits. Recently, your government accepted in the Vidhan Sabha that even today 10 lakh 32 thousand 166 children are malnourished in Madhya Pradesh and out of this 6 lakh 30 thousand 90 children are in the very malnourished category. In Madhya Pradesh, 42 percent of the children below the age of 5 years are still malnourished. Even today 33 out of 1000 children die after 28 days of birth. Even today 29 children are going missing every day, this is the horrifying truth of your 17 years of government. Along with this, Kamal Nath said that the debt of about 3 lakh crores has reached the state, the per capita loan figure has reached 51 thousand. He questioned the CM that today there is a power crisis in the state, there is a water crisis, the farmer is troubled, the youth is wandering about employment, the working class is upset, Anganwadi, Asha, Usha workers are not getting their salary, many There is no access to nutritious food in the Anganwadis for months.

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