Kamal Nath targets MP Governor Anandiben Patel
Kamal Nath targets MP Governor Anandiben Patel

Leader of Opposition in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Kamal Nath said in the House on Wednesday, 'What was the fear that Governor Anandiben Patel named Prime Minister Narendra Modi 10 times in her address, but did not say a single word on the three new agricultural laws of the Central Government, Farmers' protest in Delhi and unemployment.' The Governor's address was discussed on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Kamal Nath said, 'Governor's address in any state represents the direction and vision of the state government.' He said, 'This tradition is in every state and also in Parliament.'

Further, Kamal Nath said, 'This was the Governor's address, it is directionless and blind. I pity the Governor that she should read such a speech. Not only did she stop but she also said, "Modi at the beginning of the address and Modi at the end, took Modi's name 10 times in total. I am wondering if I am sitting in the Lok Sabha or in the Vidhan Sabha.” Meanwhile, expressing surprise, he said, “So many times. What was the fear? The state government is run by our Chief Minister. But what was the fear? In which shadow was this speech? I wonder because the Governor's speech is a serious speech. In this I understand that it does not require that Modi should be promoted in the Assembly. What does he (Modi) need? What message are you giving by promoting him here? ''

Kamal Nath also asked, 'Did the Governor in her address say anything about the farmers' movement and the three new central government laws made for farmers?' Further, he attacked the government and said, "We would say that we agree or say what you have to say in compulsion." Further, Kamal Nath said, 'I am not giving any wrong message. I am just explaining the law in very simple language. The Governor's speech was only misleading and media speech and I oppose this proposal."

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