Kamal releases Tamil version of Gandhi bio

Apr 25 2016 12:02 PM
Kamal releases Tamil version of Gandhi bio

Tamil film artist and a veteran actor Kamal Hasan said yesterday, "Non-violence as preached by Mahatma Gandhi was though very difficult to adopt in one's normal life but serious efforts can be taken to follow it". "One can achieve anything in the life, if earnest efforts were made, one can follow difficult things like Ahimsa, as preached by Mahatma Gandhi", he said.

He said Gandhiji was nobody's property and no political parties should own the Father of Nation, while releasing a book 'Sathya Sodhanai', a Tamil translation of one of Gandhiji's books.

Stating that politics and religion were two incurable diseases plaguing the society, Kamal Hasan said Gandhiji did not belong to any religion or political party and led a simple life for the uplift of poor and downtrodden.

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