Kamal surprises fan who has terminal cancer with video call

Jun 24 2021 12:50 PM
Kamal surprises fan who has terminal cancer with video call

Kamal Haasan made a fan’s dream come true when he surprised him with a video call. The fan, Saketh, who lives in Canada, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and his friends had reached out to the actor’s office to make his dream come true. “He (Kamal) interacted with him and his family for more than 10 minutes and gave him words of encouragement to help him fight his illness,” a press release from the actor’s office read.

Saketh’s cousin Sandhya Vaidyanathan wrote, “AND WE MADE THIS HAPPEN!!! OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! Saketh’s wish was to see @ikamalhaasan and this happened.. I’m so grateful to the team from his office and to everyone who amplified my story and I can’t stop crying.. this is epic.. this is what I live for .. to make dreams true.. to help people.. !!! Saketh has brain cancer stage 3 and is such a fighter and so so positive... we are all so proud of him.. please pray for him .”

The thrilled Saketh also asked Kamal if he could meet him in person when he comes to Chennai the next time. “Absolutely, any time ,” the actor assured. Saketh also revealed that his child’s pet name happens to be Virumaandi, a film of Kamal that he loves. When he asked Kamal about how the actor manages to speak in so many languages despite being a school dropout, Kamal said, “If you go to school, you cannot get away from your desk. And if you think all your electronics degrees came from the universities, you are wrong. It came from within you. Wherever you had been, instead of the US, if you had lived in Paramakudi or Mylapore, you’d have reached your destination.”


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