Once in 40 years, Lord Ati Vardar comes out of the Jal Samadhi...!

Jul 09 2019 05:41 PM
Once in 40 years, Lord Ati Vardar comes out of the Jal Samadhi...!

India is a country of traditions. There are many traditions associated with faith. There may be a variety of customs about temples, but today we are going to highlight another religion. There are many temples and shrines in India from the south to the north. What's more, every religious place has a story of its own. One such temple is located in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Let us know about it.

Kanchi Ati-Vardar Festival Starts 
The name of this temple is Lord Varadraja Swami Temple. Here, the idol of Lord Ati Vardar comes out of the Samadhi once in 40 years to give darshan to the devotees. At the same time, the famous Kanchi Ati Vardar Festival in Tamil Nadu has begun. Since then it has been celebrated.

Crowds of devotees in the hundreds of thousands
The temple, of course, is a visit to his devotees once in 40 years, but once in those 40 years, there are millions of devotees. This time, after 40 years, when Lord Ati Vardar comes out of the temple's sacred pond, the Hujum of the native and foreign devotees sprung up for his visions.

48 Days Will Be Able To Visit
The special feature of this temple is that once the water comes out of the Samadhi, the Lord gives darshan to his devotees for 48 days. After giving the last darshan to the devotees on 19th August this year, Lord Ati Vardar will again take the Samadhi in the holy pond of the temple on 20th August. Now, after taking the Samadhi of God on August 20, the devotees will have to wait 40 years to see God.

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