'Don't sell garbage please', Kangana gives a review of 'Garhadiyaan'
'Don't sell garbage please', Kangana gives a review of 'Garhadiyaan'

Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ananya Pandey's film 'Ghehraiyaan' is making a splash these days and many people are liking it. Many celebs are also telling about this film that how good it is. Right now we are going to tell you about Kangana Ranaut's review. In fact, the actress lashed out at it so badly that, 'Compared the film to pornography'.

The actress took to her Instagram stars to express her dissatisfaction. In fact, she posted her thoughts with the song 'Chand Si Mehbooba' from Manoj Kumar's 'Himalaya Ki Bhagwan Mein' and said, "I too am a millennial, but I understand this kind of romance... millennials/newbies Please don't sell garbage in the name of age/urban films. Bad movies are bad movies, no skin show or pornography can save it. It's a basic fact, nothing ''Ghehraiyaan".

Earlier this month, Kangana launched her new reality show, 'Lock Upp' at an event and later interacted with the media. In such a situation, she lost her temper when a journalist asked her about an influencer who had embarrassed Deepika for her 'hemlines and necklines' during the promotion of Ghehraiyaan. Kangana turned down the question and said, "Look, I am here to defend those who can't defend themselves. It's alright? She can defend herself. She has privileges, stage and I can't promote his film here. Sit down. "

When the journalist denied that it was promoting the depths by asking such a question, Kangana further said, "Of course, you have taken the name of the film. You're also naming a movie that's coming up. Obviously, you have been sent by the PR of the said film. Hey man, we're not that stupid, are we? I asked this question outside, I'll talk to you for 45 minutes. '

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