After Kanhaiyalal, how many more Hindus did the fundamentalists want to kill?

Jaipur: Hindu tailor Kanhaiyalal Sahu was brutally killed on June 28, 2022, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Mohammad Riyaz and Gos Mohammed entered Tailor's shop and cut him off. Islamic fundamentalists had also made a horrifying video of this gruesome incident of murder. The FIR lodged by Kanhaiyalal's 20-year-old son, in this case, has also led to many shocking revelations.

According to the FIR, before the attack, Islamic fundamentalists told him that you have written against our prophet, so you have no right to live. We will bring you infidel Hindus to the end. According to the report, in the FIR lodged, Kanhaiyalal's son has been quoted as saying, 'These 2 killers run a gang of committing ruthless murders by spreading terror and tension among the people of the country. They killed my father with complete planning. After this, he has threatened to kill other people also.' In such a situation, the question arises whether there was a plan to kill the fundamentalists as well as the Hindus? 

In his complaint, Kanhaiyalal's son has told that, at around 3:30 in the day, a relative told me on the phone that two people had entered my father's shop and killed him. When I reached, I saw that the dead body of my father was lying outside the shop and there was a lot of blood scattered all around. He had deep wounds on his neck. He was also hit on his hands and head. Rajkumar, a staff at my shop, told me that 2 people had come to the shop on the pretext of getting a kurta sewn. After some time they took out the weapons hidden in their clothes and attacked my father threatening them.

According to the FIR, two employees present in the shop tried to save Kanhaiyalal. But both of them were also attacked. During this, an employee Ishwar Gaur was seriously injured. His treatment is going on. The complaint also mentions a video shared by the killers, in which PM Narendra has also been threatened with murder.

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