Kannada language is spoken in which state of India?

1. Between which places the first railway line was introduced by the British government-
North - Between Mumbai and Thane

2. Is the National Animal of India
Answer - Tiger

3. Indian Air Force has the smallest post of Akamishand Officer
Answer - Pilot Officer

4. India's highest military decoration for display of courage and valour in war
Answer - PVC

5. The largest continent in the world is
North - Asia

6. What causes seasons
Answer - Rotation of the earth around the sun

7. The farthest atmospheric layer from the earth's surface is known by which name?
Answer - Verhi Mandal

8. D.C.M. Trophy is related to
Answer - From Football

9. Allah Rakkha was famous for which instrument?
Answer - Tabla

10. The Mughal emperor who spent 15 years in exile.
Answer - Humayun

11. Who presides over the Rajya Sabha meetings?
Answer - Vice President

12. In which cave is the statue of the mouth of Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) located
Answer - Elephanta

13. Lakshdeep is the capital
Answer - Karvati

14. The type of soil available in Maharashtra in the highest quantity is
Answer - Black Soil

15. Where is the famous Shilotkirna (stone cut) Kailash Temple located?
Answer - Ellora

16. Green Revolution means -
Answer: Increasing the yield per acre by using modern methods of agriculture

17. Land conservation can be controlled.
Answer : By making ladder mounds, tying dams, planting trees

18. The track of Jammu and Kashmir falls under which railway john?
North - Northern Railway

19. Kannada language is spoken in which state of India.
North - Karnataka

20. Which state is the capital of union territory Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
Answer - Port Blair

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