Movie Review: Get detailed information about Dinga Movie

Jan 31 2020 04:53 PM
Movie Review: Get detailed information about Dinga Movie

Dinga has been in the news for some unique reasons. It is apparently one of the first Kannada films to be shot entirely on a smartphone. Along with this, the team has tried to keep the scenes aesthetically pleasing, given the limitations it gives them. To add to this, there is an emotional story of Bunty and his pet, Dinga. Dinga is a commendable effort and shows that the medium has been fully developed since the celluloid days.

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There are also some sweet moments, in which Dinga and Bunty are present. One is left wondering, at the moment, if the film has many unnecessary elements like songs and romantic tracks, the same that dilutes the original story. Dinga will be an effective one-hour short time that a dying owner and focuses on the bond between his pet. The idea of shooting entirely on a smartphone is novel, indicating that such films can be made on a rainy day.

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One is also left wondering if the team could have used other cameras for the scenes it needed, instead of one of the first tags to shoot entirely on a smartphone One can chase this tag. The acting ranges from tolerable to absurd. It could have been better artists, a miracle. He has little and no humor in the film. If you are curious to see the novel's effort, maybe Dinga is worth watching.

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